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09:30 AM, March 14, 2015
Indigenous Drone, Laser-Guided Missile Test Fired By Pakistan
Pakistan's indigenously-made armed drone Burraq. Photo Courtesy: Worldbulletin.net

Pakistan on Friday test fired its indigenous armed drone 'Burraq' equipped with the Barq laser guided missile, local media reported on Friday.

The all weather drone and laser guided missile have multiple capabilities against various targets. The army said the drone successfully hit stationary and moving targets with its Barq laser-guided missile with “impressive pinpoint accuracy”.

The controversial weapons have proved irresistible given their ability to linger over their targets for extended periods of time, collect intelligence and deliver deadly missiles far more cheaply than conventional aircraft.

The army chief Raheel Sharif termed the test firing of the drone Burraq and Barq laser guided missile a national achievement. Gen Sharif said that it was 'force multiplier in our anti-terror campaign and operations'.

Pakistan developed its attack drone after US refusal to give it the capability. Even though Pakistan already has surveillance drones, numerous technical problems have had to be overcome before arming them.

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