Exelis To Showcase Electronic Warfare Technologies At Dixie Crow Symposium

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  • 09:06 AM, March 23, 2015
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Exelis will showcase a range of electronic warfare (EW) technologies at the Association of Old Crows 40th Annual Dixie Crow Symposium, held from March 22-26, in USA.

Exelis will exhibit electronic warfare technologies designed to enable full electromagnetic spectrum dominance and awareness for U.S. and allied forces, the company announced in its press release on Thursday.

These technologies include airborne electronic self-protection systems for large, tactical and rotary wing aircraft, EW simulation and training technology, as well as systems enabling situational awareness and understanding of the battlefield’s electronic threat profile.

Mitch Friedman vice president and general manager of the Exelis integrated electronic warfare systems business said, “Looking ahead, our focus on multi-functionality and real-time adaptability in EW will help ensure we continue to outpace emerging threats.”

Among its many EW solutions, Exelis will highlight the Disruptor SRx technology at the Dixie Crow Symposium. It is newly debuted adaptive, multifunctional EW capability with industry leading size, weight and power characteristics for mission success in a changing electronic environment.

Another EW solution it highlights is the ALQ-211 family of electronic self-protection systems, which shields a range of fixed-wing and rotary aircraft from sophisticated radio frequency (RF) threats.

The highlighted EW solutions also include the ALQ-172 integrated RF system that protects U.S. Air Force B-52s and Special Operations C-130s. It also showcases the ALQ-161 electronic countermeasure system for Air Force B-1Bs, which provides 360-degree simultaneous receive-and-jam coverage against multiple concurrent threats.

The Advanced Interference Mitigation System is another solution that will be displayed. It uses open, modular and scalable interference canceller architecture to solve the hardest RF interference problems.

Other highlighted EW solutions at the display are situational awareness, early warning and training technologies, including the advanced capability pod, radar warning locator, PLM-4 radar signal simulator and missile warning system.


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