China Introduces Automatic Flight Assessment System For PLA Aviation Troops

  • Our Bureau
  • 01:33 PM, March 24, 2015
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The Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAAF) has introduced automatic flight quality assessment system to improve the flight training efficiency of its aviation troops.

Jointly developed by the PLAAF Armament Research Institute and related universities, the new technology for flight training quality and safety monitoring and assessment was recently applied in the annual flight data interpretation and analysis in an aviation regiment under. With this assessment system, the processing of the flight data of the whole regiment in the last 12 months was complete in only half an hour, according to China Military Online.

Without making any modification to the aircraft, this system can utilize the existing equipment mounted in the aircraft to automatically detect flight abnormalities, risky maneuvers and operation deviation and carry out automatic interpretation and analysis of the flight data, according to Liu Changwei, person-in-charge of the R&D group for the system and director of a research office with the PLAAF Armament Research Institute.

Meng Fansheng, an ace air force pilot was quoted as saying that it used to take half an hour to manually interpret the data for one-hour flight, but now, the result of the flight data analysis can be obtained within minutes. It is also able to monitor each maneuver during the flight, which will help promote detailed flight training and upgrade training efficiency.

The assessment system has now been widely promoted in the PLAAF and is also introduced to the aviation force of the PLA Navy, the report added. 

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