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03:39 PM, March 31, 2015

Gripen in its blog Today said that new weapons and radar functions and many other features relating to software are being tested with Gripen C/D system are being tested and is completing its final phase of material system control testing.

“We are now entering into the final phase of finishing the so-called material system controls. The goal is to deliver this major update of the Gripen system to the Armed Forces as soon as possible, says Robert Noven, test engineer at FMV T & E was quoted as saying.

Robert is responsible for testing and evaluation of various components of the MS20 upgrade. He is preparing for air exercises to verify and validate the system before the update is delivered to the Swedish Air Force troops.

According to the FMV report, the new upgrades include new Meteor missile, new weapons, new radar system, GCA (Ground Collision Avoidance System) and enhanced collaboration features like Link 16. 

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