Mistral Provides Underwater Sonar To Latin American Nations

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  • 02:48 PM, April 6, 2015
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Mistral Provides Underwater Sonar To Latin American Nations
DNS300 Sonar advanced sonar system

Mistral Detection has provided DNS300 Sonar advanced sonar system to an unnamed Latin American country Navy to assist with underwater search and rescue missions.

The company announced in its press release on Monday that it will also provide DNS 300 NAV Navigation System to the police of another South American country to help maintain security during a major event. The solutions are useful for divers.

DNS300 Sonar is a handheld system with advanced navigation capabilities that provides accurate underwater documentation, navigation sensors, and data.

Effectively detecting large and small underwater objects, it is suitable for EOD and Search and Rescue divers with low magnetic signatures. Simplifying the diving profile and overall maneuverability, the system has no external cables, with a single enclosure containing all sensors and batteries: sonar, compass, pressure gauge, and GPS.

It has neutral buoyancy in water and weighs less than 17 lbs. Accurate target positioning for latitude and longitude are supplied, as well as full data recording and logging, with internal batteries providing 5 hours of operation.

DNS 300 NAV Navigation System will be provided to the police of a large South American country to help maintain security during a major event.

The system weighs less than 15.4 lbs. and can be handheld or easily mounted on underwater vehicles. It has an intuitive user interface and a variety of sensors and providing a fully integrated autonomous navigation system with minimum exposure.

The DNS300 NAV's single enclosure contains all sensors and batteries, DVL, compass, pressure gauge, and GPS with no external cables. It is highly accurate, providing precise location regardless of currents.

The NAV includes a vivid display which is easy to read in all water conditions, and has a highly intuitive user interface. It also provides diving preparation and debriefing and its internal batteries enable 8 hours of operation.

Roey Bahat General Manager said “Our systems for divers are among the most advanced in the world in their fields, easy to use, lightweight, and especially cost-effective. The South American market is very important to us; we are already active in it – and are working to expand into new areas as well."





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