Russia To Conduct Aerospace Defense Force Drills In 2015

  • Our Bureau
  • 10:27 AM, April 13, 2015
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The Russian forces will conduct eight aerial and missile maneuvers in the nation’s south part this year.

“Overall, there will be eight Aerospace Defense Force drills in 2015 with air and missile defense units,” Alexei Zolotukhin the spokesman of Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces (VKO) was quoted as saying by various media on Sunday.

The official added that the war games would be carried out in the region of Astrakhan and will involve firing exercises with air defense missile systems. The Russian aerospace force would be equipped with new radar stations, radio equipment and missile systems.

In March, Russian held the snap inspection of its Northern Fleet's combat readiness, as well as that of the units of the country's Western, Southern and Eastern military districts. Some 80,000 troops, and thousands of units of equipment took part in the drills.

In 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry has planned to conduct about 4,000 military exercises in the country.


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