Chinese DF-21D Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Capable Of Striking Philippines

  • Our Bureau
  • 11:25 AM, April 14, 2015
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China PLA’s DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile will expand the attack range of the PLA and is capable of striking Philippines and South China Seas, according to US’ Office of Naval Intelligence said in a report released on April 10.

China is making major qualitative improvements in its naval aviation and submarine force and are increasingly capable of striking targets hundreds of miles from the mainland, the report said.

“The increasing military capability asserts China’s maritime claims and such actions can exacerbate tensions in its neighborhood,” the report said.

According to the report, China is increasing its 59 diesel submarines and nine nuclear subs  to 63 and 11, respectively, by 2020.

China’s indigenous submarine-launched anti-ship cruise missile (ASCM), YJ-18 extends similar capabilities to the Song, Yuan and Shang classes, the report said.

“The report makes special mention of the new YJ-18 cruise missile, which is deployed on the newest class of destroyer called the Luyang III, and on diesel attack submarines known as the Song/Yuan class, and nuclear-powered Shang-class attack submarines. Previously, China's only indigenous sub-launched ASCM was the YJ-82, which has a much shorter range," the report said.

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