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03:21 PM, April 14, 2015

Kelvin Hughes announced Monday that it has won contract to supply their SharpEye radars for the UK Royal Navy’s new River class Batch 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) to be built on the Clyde.

The UK Royal Navy is to receive three new OPVs to be named HMS Forth, HMS Medway and HMS Trent. The new vessels will be used to counter terrorism, counter piracy and anti-smuggling operations. They are expected to enter service starting in 2017.

The Kelvin Hughes integrated radar system consists of an I Band Doppler SharpEye radar supporting both helicopter control and navigation (the new River class OPVs will incorporate a Merlin capable flight deck), together with an E/F Band SharpEye radar for navigation and collision avoidance.

Both radars will be accessed and controlled by Kelvin Hughes MantaDigital Tactical ARPA displays. The radar system will be interfaced with the Combat Management System as well as other third party systems such as WECDIS and WAIS.

Rohan Dearlove, Kelvin Hughes’ Sales Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa said, “Customer navies report that SharpEye radar provides superior surface and air target detection, even in adverse weather conditions, thus greatly enhancing situational awareness and safe navigation.

He added, “The helicopter detection performance delivered by SharpEye is compliant with the latest MAA regulations without the need for a transponder system such as RRB.".

SharpEye is already being successfully operated as a helicopter control radar onboard RFA Argus, most recently engaged in intensive operations off the west coast of Africa.

SharpEye is available in both I (X) and E/F (S) frequency bands. Both share a common Human Computer Interface (HCI) and a high degree of component commonality due to their similar modular design and system architecture.










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