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08:22 AM, April 17, 2015

Selex ES and Saab have successfully demonstrated the release of the BriteCloud EAD from a standard Gripen countermeasures dispenser.

Three flights and three releases of the BriteCloud were conducted in Sweden, Selex ES announced Wednesday.

“These trials successfully validated the in-flight mechanical compatibility of the BriteCloud EAD with the Gripen’s countermeasures system. The tests showed good clearance margins and allow further system integration work to go forward.”said Hans Einerth, Wing Commander Flying at Saab.

“The Gripen electronic warfare system is continuously updated to meet emerging threats and BriteCloud integration is an important step in this process,” Einerth added.

BriteCloud is a self-contained digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) jammer that is designed to protect fighter jets from complex threats such as RF-guided missiles and fire-control radars. After manual or automatic ejection from a standard chaff and flare dispenser, BriteCloud detects RF emissions and cross-references them against its pre-programmed threat library.

Upon finding a match, the decoy applies advanced algorithms and emits a deception signal to defeat the threat radar and incoming missile so that the aircraft is able to carry on safely and concentrate on its mission.

The trial with Gripen used a 55-mm diameter version of BriteCloud which is compatible with the standard chaff and flare dispenser size operated by Gripen and others. Saab and Selex ES hope to organise further flight trials that will prove the performance of the BriteCloud 55-mm variant against representative threats. 


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