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11:58 AM, April 28, 2015

Saab announced today that it has developed PS-05/A fighter radar to a new version designated Mk4 for Gripen C/D improved performance and operating range.

The PS-05/A Mk4 is the recent development of PS-05/A radar, originally developed for the Gripen fighter.

A new hardware configuration with a complete new radar back-end gives improved radar performance and operational range, enhancing Gripen Weapon System capabilities and offers full AMRAAM and Meteor integration.

It also enables capability growth through software upgrades to successfully counter evolving threats in decades to come.

A new Air-to-Air mode has been implemented and demonstrated which takes full advantage of the signal processing capacity and the flexible waveform generation in PS-05/A Mk4. This mode increases acquisition range with 100% at low altitudes compared to previous version of PS- 05/A.

The radar mode will also be useful for detection of targets with very low Radar Cross Section. The Meteor missile downlink is optimized to maintain radar performance during long-range data linking scenarios.

“The Mk4 is a multi-function radar with ECCM performance, growth capability and with low life cycle cost,” says Lars Tossman, Head of Airborne Surveillance Systems at Saab business area Electronic Defense Systems.

The PS-05/A Mk4 can be adapted to fit into most airborne platforms. Both compact and lightweight, this modular solution is ideal for integration with standard avionics technology systems and allows for installation on any multi-role combat aircraft, UAV, advanced jet trainer or other airborne platform.

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