Our Bureau
10:27 AM, May 5, 2015

Turkey's Havelsan will acquire flight simulation assets of Quantum3D that has US government units and civil companies as its customers, in order to increase simulation and training abilities.

The deal with Quantum3D will likely to be finalized this year and its products will continue to be sold under the Quantum3D brand name like before, various media reported last week.

It is the first time a Turkish defense company is acquiring a US firm. However, Havelsan's US-based subsidiary will retain the intellectual property and product lines of Quantum3D.

“We believe that combining our strategies with Quantum3D products will create many new opportunities and allow us to develop Mantis (a Quantum3D product) to be the most innovative solution in the market," said Sadik Yamac, Havelsan's general manager.

"This is indeed a strategic move for Havelsan to enter into the US market and develop a high end technology with Quantum3D." Yuksel Oztekin, Havelsan's board chairman said.


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