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01:28 PM, May 7, 2015
Russian Improvised AK-74M To Be 50 Per Cent More Accurate
Kalashnikov to present upgrade kit for its assault rifles at the Victory Parade

Russian Kalashnikov Concern claims that new upgraded version of its AK-74 assault rifle allows 1.5 times combat effectiveness at a distance of up to 300 meters in different climatic conditions than the earlier version.

Kalashnikov will be unveiling a modernized AK-74M assault rifle as part of the Saturday's Victory Day parade in Moscow's Red Square, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

"Modern rifle range, equipped with a new set of modernization of can be adjusted for any tactical problem and will expand the potential use of weapons,” Sergei Urzhumtsev, Deputy General Director and Chief Designer, Kalashnikov said.

The upgrades include the stock and cover the receiver, modern handguard and forearm, which are integrated Picatinny rail, and a new belt, translator-fuse and ergonomic handle fire control.

This will improve ergonomics and handling of weapons in combat missions in a variety of weather and climate conditions. Modernization of machines previously issued can be carried out both at industrial enterprises, as well as directly in the troops.

The new upgrade kit allows Kalashnikovs to install additional equipment such as modern optoelectronic devices of sight, laser sights, flashlights weapons, and shooting and low noise devices and effective flame arrester for weapons.  The modification can help installation of a 40-mm grenade launcher and a bayonet-knife.

Kalashnikov has developed three sets of the composition of additional equipment for the modernization of 5.45 mm and 7.62 mm Kalashnikovs for combined arms units, reconnaissance, as well as units that are part of special operations forces.

Development was carried out in the framework of development - design work code "body kit" for tactical and technical requirements, approved by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, on its own initiative at the expense of own funds of the concern.

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