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02:29 PM, May 11, 2015
Airbus To Test Flight A400M Transport Plane Despite Nations Grounding Aircraft Fleet
Airbus A400M crashed outside Seville,Saturday. Photo: @BOMBEROSSEVILLA via twitter)

Airbus will continue with test flight of its A400M military transport despite Britain, Germany, Malaysia and Turkey grounding their aircraft following a crash outside Seville on Saturday, killing four crew members.

“Testing would go ahead as planned on Tuesday to demonstrate to our customers, the air forces, that we fully trust this great transport plane and are as committed to the program and the further ramp-up of deliveries and capabilities as ever," Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus was quoted as saying in a letter to Airbus Staff by Reuters.

The ill-fated aircraft was on its maiden test flight before it crashed into a field. It was due to be delivered to Turkey.

France said it was not grounding its planes at this point as there is no reason to stop.

"We have no reason to lead us to stop our A400 fleet," Colonel Jean-Pascal Breton, head of the press service of the French air force was quoted as saying by Space Daily.

The A400M developed at a cost of US$22.3 billion has been hit by delays and cost overruns.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force received the first of four A400M aircraft in March this year. It is the first export customer for the A400M outside of the original launch nations, according to Airbus.

The two black boxes (cockpit recorders) of the Airbus A400M military plane have been retrieved by the Spanish authorities on Sunday.

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