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01:09 PM, May 13, 2015

The Royal Armed Force will receive a £2 billion fleet of jets to counter the Russian nuclear submarines, which are regularly patrolling the coast of Britain.

They are likely to include the US developed Boeing Poseidon P8, designed for 'long-range anti-submarine warfare' and worth about £150million each. The P8 jets look for magnetic fields under the water's surface, Daily Express reported Monday. About a dozen of different range planes will be purchased for the RAF over the next two years.

The Russian underwater vessels have been found after colliding with private boats and presently the ministers are looking to purchase aircraft to track them.

Even though the government had promised the drastic reduction in the defense budget , the Government is forced to invest in submarine detection as there is increased aggression by Russian forces.

Senior defence source told The Sun, "There have been several occasions in the last five years where foreign submarines have entered British water.

"They have been detected more by chance than anything else because we have no means of monitoring their activity." Senior defense added.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said the "full spectrum of submarine detection capability" would be reviewed this year.


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