DCNS To Showcase Anti-Piracy, Anti-Submarine Combat Management Systems At SITDEF Exhibition 2015

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  • 02:54 PM, May 13, 2015
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DCNS announced that it will exhibit the Gowind 2500, the Scorpene 2000 submarines and Subtics, the OPV 90 and Canto during SITDEF exhibition in Lima(Peru) from 14 to 17 May 2015.

The solutions are offered in cooperation with Navies and local suppliers. DCNS’s product portfolio includes naval systems for surface combatants, submarines, services, underwater weapons, simulators for initial and ongoing crew training, and innovative solutions in marine renewable energy (MRE). The Group is currently carrying out programs for clients on four continents.

The DCNS’ solution, Gowind 2500, is a naval asset for missions ranging from counter-piracy to sea control and denial including anti-submarine warfare operations. It is equipped with a SETIS combat management system, based on the one equipping the FREMM frigates.

These corvettes have been designed to be simple to operate, easy to maintain and efficient. Gowind platforms and mission systems can be tailored to customer requirements for an optimum trade-off between homeland security and naval combat capabilities.

DCNS offers a complete range of ships from 40 to 95 m long designed for State action at sea through Kership, a joint venture between DCNS and Piriou. This range comprises ships that are convenient to operate, maintain and fitted with mission systems. It includes offshore patrol vessels, multi-mission ships, and specialized ships such as maritime training ships, landing ships and hydrographic survey ships.

Another solution that will be showcased is the Scorpene 2000 submarines. They represent the state-of-the-art in submarine design and construction and benefit from the technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and combat system performance.

The integrated SUBTICS combat system that is capable of gathering information from every sensor via data link in order to offer the crew a complete view of the tactical situation and enable it to implement situation-appropriate weapons. A sonar suite ensures long-range detection capabilities tailored to weapons, torpedoes and long-range missiles.

DCNS also showcases CANTO is designed to protect any platform, submarine or surface against advanced torpedoes and the previous generation as well. CANTO is both a Jammer (for Dilution effect) and a false targets generator (for Confusion effect) generating and permanently renewing a specific acoustic signal which is understood by the torpedoes as being hundreds of false targets.

For surface vessels, CANTO can be launched from any anti-missile Decoy Launching System at 123.8 mm & 130 mm standards and it doesn't need a dedicated system.

For submarine, CANTO also offers a protection solution which can be easily installed even on board the small size submarines thanks to a reduced footprint. CANTO is ordered by several Navies including the French and the Brazilian Navies to protect submarines like SSK, SSN or SSBN or surface combatants like frigates or corvettes.


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