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11:47 AM, May 20, 2015

Poland will invest more than $40 billion to upgrade military helicopters, missile and air defense systems, modern artillery, and army mobility by 2022.  

The upgradation also includes navy modernization as well as communications and command systems, Sputnik reported Wednesday.

In 2022, in total the nation will have spent over $40 billion on modernization of armed force, Polish Defense Minister Tomasz said on Tuesday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in USA.

Poland is spending more on defense than any other countries that have joined NATO after 1999. Poland will spend two percent of its Gross Domestic Product on defense starting in 2016, the defense minister added.

Over the past year, Poland has stepped up joint military exercises with NATO as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Operation Atlantic Resolve is a series of drills demonstrating Washington's commitment to European security.

Moscow has criticized NATO's growing presence in Eastern Europe along Russia’s borders, warning it is increasing regional tensions.





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