Chinese Army to Focus on Ocean, Space, Cyberspace, Nuclear Force

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  • 07:31 AM, May 26, 2015
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Chinese Army to Focus on Ocean, Space, Cyberspace, Nuclear Force
Marines of the People's Liberation Army (Photo: U.S. Marine Corps via Wikipedia)

A Chinese military white paper has identified the ocean, the outer space, cyberspace and nuclear force as the four "critical security domains" the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) will focus on in the future.

Released in Beijing this morning, the paper provides an insight into the People Liberation Army (PLA) thrust areas in line with its strategic objectives of dominating the South China Sea.

The white paper advocates an "active defense" strategy and suggests the unity of strategic defense and operational and tactical offense, according to the white paper "China's Military Strategy" issued by the State Council Information Office.

The PLA Navy will gradually shift its focus from the sole strategy of "offshore waters defense" to the combined one of "offshore waters defense" and "open seas protection", the paper says. The country will speed up the development of a cyber force to tackle "grave security threats" to its cyber infrastructure.

It opposes weaponization of and arms race in outer space and vows to secure its space assets. The country will never enter into a nuclear arms race with any other country, according to the paper.

In line with the evolving form of war and national security situation, the basic point for preparation for military struggle of China's armed forces will be placed on "winning informationized local wars," according to the paper.

The armed forces will strengthen international security cooperation in areas crucially related to China's overseas interests, the paper says.

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