China To Demonstrate Weapon Systems At Hainan Island

  • Our Bureau
  • 12:06 PM, May 29, 2015
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The Chinese People's Liberation Army will demonstrate its advanced weapon systems to the people at Hainan Island, which is located close to China.

The weapons to be demonstrated are J-10 fighter, WZ-10 gunship, Type 63A amphibious light tank, anti-tank missile vehicle and armoured command vehicle, Xinhua News Agency reported Thurday.

If China enters a conflict in the South China Sea, Hainan is likely to become the primary PLA base for operations. Moreover, Beijing has plans to prepare the civilians of the island for military conflict through exhibiting those weapon systems.

China had several confrontations with the US warships and aircraft in the South China Sea. The USS Fort Worth, a US Navy Freedom-class littoral combat ship, was chased by the Yancheng, a Chinese Type 054A guided-missile frigate.

The PLA Navy warned eight times to a US Navy’s P-8 patrol plane, while conducting a reconnaissance flight over Fiery Cross Reef to monitor Chinese land reclamations in the region on May 20.

The Global Times reported that China is ready for a war, if the US or any other nations continue to demand China to abandon its land reclamation activities.

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