First MC-21 Commercial Airliner Ready For Flight And Strength Tests

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  • 08:54 AM, June 18, 2015
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First MC-21 Commercial Airliner Ready For Flight And Strength Tests
Graphical Representation of MC-21 Airline

Irkut Corporation announced Wednesday that it is creating MC-21 commercial airliner and the first aircraft for flight and strength tests are in production.

An extensive program of aerodynamic, strength and endurance test have confirmed design solutions. The total number of orders for MC-21-300 and MC-21-200 aircraft is 273 of which 175 are confirmed.

The first MC-21 aircraft, to be built in 2015, will be equipped with PW1400G-JM engine by Pratt & Whitney.

New version of a procedure simulator for training (retraining) of MC-21 airliner family flight crews is at display at the Paris Air Show 2015.

The simulator has the actual version of the MC-21 panels and controls design, an updated version of a special software, simulating flight and aircraft on-board systems. The central part of the simulator is the unified MC-21 aircraft cabin module. The module enables to form different variants of training devices. The customer’s request defines the options and the skill level of training for the flight crew.

The simulator is part of a Complex of technical training means, which is developing at the Center for training of aviation personnel of JSC Aeroflot - Russian Airlines.

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