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08:17 AM, June 19, 2015
Saudi Arabia Orders Four Airbus C295W Transport Aircraft
C295 MPA Aircraft at the Paris Air Show 2015 (Photo:Airbus DS)

Saudi Arabia has purchased four C295W medium transport and surveillance aircraft after carrying our complete evaluation, Airbus Defense and Space said at the Paris air show on Tuesday.

“The C295W is joining the Airbus A330 MRTT (Multi-Role Tanker Transport) and CN235 transports previously ordered by Saudi Arabia. We greatly appreciate the confidence shown in the C295W by a nation with long expertise in operating military aircraft in desert conditions”, said Antonio Rodríguez Barberán, Head of Commercial for Military Aircraft.

Airbus said, with the previous orders received from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan and Oman, this new order from Saudi Arabia cements the C295’s position as the market-leading medium transport and patrol aircraft in the Middle East and North Africa region.

In intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) roles such as airborne early warning (AEW), the enhancements will increase endurance by 30-60min and permit an operating altitude up to 2,000ft higher than now.

The new features also provide an overall reduction in fuel consumption of around 4% depending on configuration and conditions.

The new generation C295 is an ideal aircraft for defense and civic mission to the benefit of society, such as humanitarian actions, maritime patrol, and environmental surveillance missions, amongst others.

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