China Unwilling to Transfer Missile Tech to Turkey

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  • 04:07 PM, June 24, 2015
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China Unwilling to Transfer Missile Tech to Turkey
FD-2000 Air Missile Defense System

China, like the US and Europe has declined to transfer technology as part of its bid to sell FD-2000 air defence system to Turkey.

As a result Turkey may not be able to operate the FD-2000, the export version of the Chinese HQ-9 system effectively, WantChinaTimes said quoting Russian media which translated an interview of Ismail Demir, head of Turkey's Under-secretariat for Defense Industries.

He said that Turkey had not yet made a  decision regarding the purchase of the Chinese air defence system, because Beijing has not yet agreed to transfer the weapon's technology to Istanbul, according to the Moscow-based Military Parade on June 22.

Though the FD-2000 may be the cheapest missile system Turkey can get, Demir said the cost will still be high to acquire the missile, radar, fire-control system and software. Demir said that Turkey deserves access to the whole HQ-9 technology package from China in order to operate the system properly.

Due to protests from the United States and other NATO members, Turkey wavered on whether to purchase the Chinese missile system until February this year. Demir said Ankara changed its policy because other nations, the US included, also refused to transfer the technology the nation would need to operate the system.Though Raytheon of the US and MBDA of Europe have bid for the Turkish deal, both have refrained from making any commitment on transferring technology to Istanbul.

But the slow progress of the China bid could spell good news for American companies. The NDIA magazine reported from the Paris Air Show 2015 that a Raytheon-Lockheed Martin team is in touch with Turkey. Quoting Raytheon spokesman Bailey Sargent, NDIA reported, “Team USA has held several discussions over the last few months with Turkish Industry and government. These informal discussions may result in an improved offer from Team USA as appropriate.”

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