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11:06 AM, June 25, 2015

Mountain Secure Systems (MSS) has won a two-year development and production contract from DRS Technologies to provide ruggedized video management units (VMUs) for Surveillance and Battlefield Reconnaissance Equipment (SABRE) Systems.

MSS, the subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI) and supplier of rugged electronic solutions, announced Wednesday that the MSS will provide computing resources for the primary Operator's Control Station (OCS) on the Surveillance and Battlefield Reconnaissance Equipment (SABRE) system from DRS Technologies.

The rugged VMU from MSS is a 3U VPX system comprised of several single board computers, high definition (HD) frame grabber cards, graphical processor units, and other I/O modules.

The SABRE system from DRS is a highly modular sensor suite that integrates radar, thermal imaging, and laser systems on a stabilized mast and is compatible with any type of battle command network.

It provides scouts, forward observers, and tactical air controllers with the ability to perform reconnaissance and targeting at extended ranges. The system facilitates operations while hidden or on the move in rugged environments, share targeting data from multiple sensors across battle command networks.

The SABRE system was updated to accommodate the Canadian Army Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Surveillance Program.

MSS also offers in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions for the commercial aircraft market, as well as legacy interface conversion solutions for customers in the aerospace and defense industries. In addition, MSS provides outdoor wireless network solutions for video, voice and data applications.

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