Sukhoi Delivers First Batch Of Su-34 Bombers For This Year To Russian Air Force

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  • 01:17 PM, June 26, 2015
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Sukhoi has delivered the first batch of Su-34 bombers to Russian air force for this year.

The jets took off from the airfield of Novosibirsk Aviation Plant and headed to their home base, Sukhoi said in a press statement Today.

Last year Sukhoi Holding Company fulfilled the State Defense Order in full and manufactured two additional jets of the type.

“The enterprise has reached its maximum output. State contract with the Ministry of Defense for delivery of Su-34 jets during the period until 2020 provides the plant with stable workload for years to come and assures its development. At present the aircraft are successfully operated by military units and the vehicles demonstrate solid operating performance,” the company said.

The jet’s range is 4000 km, maximum flight speed – 1900 km/h, payload – up to 8 tons. The aircraft are fitted with the latest weapons and aerial refueling system.

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