Russia To Upgrade Il-38 Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft

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  • 11:18 AM, July 1, 2015
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Russia To Upgrade Il-38 Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft
Russian Ilyushin Il-38 Anti-Submarine Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Russian Defense Ministry plans to upgrade entire fleet of anti-submarine warfare aircraft Ilyushin-38 with a new generation search and target track system Novella-P-38 this year.

"The contract is in the discussion phase. It is impossible to name any specific figures at this point (number of planes and dates), but the entire fleet is to undergo upgrade," Naval aviation commander Igor Kozhin was quoted as saying to news reporters by Tass on Tuesday.

A unified platform for Russia’s naval aviation to replace the current Ilyushin-20 and Ilhyushin-38 will be selected in 2015-2016, Kozhin said.

The universal platform that will replace all of anti-submarine planes will boast far better parameters surpassing foreign counterparts.

"The platform will perform its maiden flight by 2020," Kozhin said.

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