Locally Made Kalashnikov AK-47s On Sale In US

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  • 12:34 PM, July 1, 2015
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Locally Made Kalashnikov AK-47s On Sale In US
Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle (Image for Representation)

The first American made Kalashnikov AK-47s are being sold by the former sole official importer of the Russian rifles in US, Russian Weapons Company (RWC).

The Pennsylvania based Gun Company (now Kalashnikov USA) made an announcement Tuesday that it has started selling the first American-made Kalashnikov AK-47s, UPI reported.

Kalashnikov USA had claimed to start manufacturing the AK-47 guns in the nation after US stopped importing of the AK-47 gun in January this year.

"In the second quarter of this year we are going to start manufacturing here in the US.  What I'm manufacturing are our own AK-47s and shotguns under the Kalashnikov brand,” Thomas McCrossin CEO Kalashnikov USA had said during annual gun industry show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The new rifles are based on the original Russian AK-47, AK-74 and AK but are modernized with latest technology that includes nitrocarburized case hardening on barrels and chambers to extend life and prevent corrosion. The barrels have also been threaded so they can accept muzzle breaks and suppressor systems.

"Our customers will be pleased with the quality of our American production and our new designs," Bill Silver, vice president of sales for Kalashnikov USA was quoted as saying by UPI. "American innovation has provided a better weapon at a better price."

"On the one hand, this is to some degree an acknowledgment: Why would anybody take something nobody needs? This looks like a confirmation that the AK-47 is still needed by someone," Yelena Kalashnikov, Daughter of Mikhail Kalashnikov told The Moscow Times. "But on the other hand, it's clear that our weapons should remain ours."

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