Brazil To Receive Three Additional SC-105 Amazonas SAR aircraft

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  • 03:00 PM, July 1, 2015
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Brazil To Receive Three Additional SC-105 Amazonas SAR aircraft
Brazillian Air Force C-105A Amazonas Aircraft (Image:

Brazil will be receiving three additional SC-105 Amazonas aircraft meant for search and rescue missions (SAR) from Airbus in 2017.

The three new aircraft will feature an electro-optical system for search in the visible and infra-red spectrum that enables detection of aircraft hidden by foliage of a person in sea. Airbus C-295 is designated as SC-105 by Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

The aircraft will have search and rescue equipment to locate aircraft, boats or missing crew for both day and night operations.

The aircraft will be fitted with EL / M-2022A (V) 3 radar capable of surface searches on land and sea to a range of up to 360 Km and a satellite communication system to allow contact with other aircraft for rescue missions.

The new aircraft are similar to the ten C-105 Amazonas transports already based in Campo Grande and Manaus.

They can also embark paratroopers and a load master; or a loadmaster to launch lifeboats or supplies to survivors. This reveals the multi-mission nature of the SC-105: search, cargo transport, paratroop launch, medevac and surveillance.

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