Kalashnikov Diversifies into Drones, Assault Boats Production

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  • 09:40 AM, July 3, 2015
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Kalashnikov Diversifies into Drones, Assault Boats Production
Multipurpose amphibious boat equipped with drones

Russia's Kalashnikov Group has diversified into the production of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and  multi-functional assault boats.

The AK-47 assault rifle manufacturer displayed the new military hardware at the International Maritime Defense Show, held at St. Petersburg.

The company announced that apart from recently developed UAVs that are adapted to launch from the boat's deck, the naval battle group of multifunctional assault boats are equipped with modern weaponry systems.

The naval battle group of multifunctional assault boats includes the BK-16 (a landing boat) and the BK-10 that can be used for close-to-shore maneuvers, personnel transportation, assault landings, medical evacuation, and counter piracy and anti-terrorism operations.

Further, the naval battle group also includes new assault support boat, the BK-9, which has no analogues in Russia and is equipped with armor plates for increasing the defense of the landing team.

The Group will also showcase the ZALA 421-16ЕМ, a small, portable and reliable surveillance vehicle designed for front-line reconnaissance, land-based and oversea surveillance at the show held from July 1 to 5 at Saint Petersburg.

“Each of Kalashnikov’s boats can be re-equipped for specific demands and battle missions. Each of them can deploy reconnaissance UAVs and modern weaponry systems, including a combat remotely-controlled module, the group’s CEO Aleksey Krivoruchko said.

The weapons can be mounted with specific-purpose units, he added.

The BK-16 boat may be equipped either with four 7.62 mm caliber guns with combat modules or with two 12.7 mm guns and also with a 40 mm grenade launcher. Each boat can also accommodate counter-sabotage mines and "Kornet” guided missile systems.

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