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03:03 PM, July 3, 2015

Islamic state group have used advanced weapons, including Russian made Kornet Anti-tank missiles to attack troops in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt on Wednesday.

The attackers also used mortars, Anti-aircraft guns and other guided missiles, AFP reported Wednesday.

The use of massive amount of anti-aircraft missiles by militants forced Egypt to respond by F-16 fighter jets instead of Apache helicopters.

The militants attack included suicide bombings and assaults on security installations. Militants took over rooftops and fired rocket-propelled grenades at a police station in Sheikh Zuweid after mining its exits to block reinforcements, a police colonel said.

The IS groups attacked more than 15 checkpoints, which belonged to the apostate army.

The Islamic State group surrounded the police station after launching attacks on 15 checkpoints and security installations using suicide car bombers and rockets. The assault had involved three suicide bombers.

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