Forget Nuclear Weapons, Iran Will Have Problems in Power Generation After Deal

  • Pinaki Bhattacharya
  • 11:18 AM, July 15, 2015
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Forget Nuclear Weapons, Iran Will Have Problems in Power Generation After Deal
Existing nuclear facility in Bushehr province, Iran (photo: AP/Mehr)

Iran has been made to cap its nuclear fuel cycle at an almost minimum level (IAEA standards of 3-5 per cent) of 3.67 per cent enrichment of Uranium Hexaflouride in a gaseous and at five per cent enrichment of Uranium235 for use in nuclear power generation.

This not only makes sure that the nation will not be able to build nuclear weapons but also have problems utilising in light water nuclear reactors.

But this has bought Tehran relief in trade and economic sanctions that includes, exclusion of about six UN anti-nuke resolutions passed against Iran; removal of curbs on oil and natural gas sales and stifling freezes on its fund holdings in various commercial banks.

While Iran has to undergo severe IAEA inspections over a ten year period as a time frame over which it progressively sell off its stockpile 5 to 20 per cent enriched Uranium235 and the sanctions get removed in stages, a close look at the agreement reached yesterday reveals.

Dubbed a ‘win-win’ deal, the Western media is focussing on Iranian youth’s celebration of the possibility of ‘good times’ returning. The US administration believes that they have been able to stave off an a deadly assault on its nuclear non-proliferation regime and an increased nuclearisation of West Asia (of course Israel is an exception).

Russia has been permitted by the agreement signed at Vienna to sell nuclear fuel in ready-to-use form to Iran. While Iran gets to retain 6500 centrifuges, according to President Hassan Rouhani  ( 5000, according to US Secretary of State John Kerry), it is also allowed to replace 500 odd centrifuges every month from its existing inventory of machineries.

In Washington, the mood in Democratic Party circles is quite upbeat about being able to get Iran back into their tent especially when West Asia is in severe turmoil. The Republicans on the other hand are seeming to join hands with major funders like America-Israel Political Action Committee. The name itself is self-explanatory. 


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