Curtis Wright to Provide Turret Drive System To British Army’s SCOUT Reconnaissance Vehicle

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  • 12:12 PM, July 21, 2015
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Curtis Wright to Provide Turret Drive System To British Army’s SCOUT Reconnaissance Vehicle
Lockheed Martin SCOUT Specialized Vehicle Prototype

Curtis Wright has won a $49 million contract to provide Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) for British Army’s new SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV).

Curtiss-Wright's TDSS will provide weapon stabilization for the SCOUT Reconnaissance vehicle, which is expected to replace the older Scimitar vehicle. The contract follows completion of the program's demonstration phase, which commenced in 2010 and was valued at $13 million. AS per the contract shipments are expected to begin in 2015 and continue through 2021.

“Curtis was selected by Lockheed Martin to provide electromechanical aiming and stabilization system for use on the SCOUT reconnaissance vehicle,” said David C. Adams, Chairman and CEO of Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

The TDSS was designed, developed, and will be manufactured at Curtiss-Wright's Drive Technology business in Neuhausen, Switzerland. The products covered by the contract will be delivered to Lockheed Martin where they will be integrated onto the turrets at their manufacturing facility in Ampthill, UK. 

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