Raytheon Develops Low Cost Fiber Airframe For USAF Air Launched Decoy

  • Our Bureau
  • 10:54 PM, July 21, 2015
  • 2048

Raytheon, Fokker and Dallar have developed a low cost carbon fiber airframe for US Air Force MALD (Miniature Air Launched Decoy).

The air frame has cost 25 per cent lesser than usual by using the new composite design produced using robotics and formula racing techniques.

MALD is a cost efficient, modular system that has the capability to protect manned aircraft from the need to engage threats and make stand-off munitions even more lethal,” Scott Muse, Raytheon MALD programs director said in a statement Tuesday.

“Affordability is a key element of customer success. Through the partnership with Fokker, Dallara and the USAF, we delivered MALD’s capabilities at a lower price,” Muse said.

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