Iran Has Ordered 100 Russian Refueling Aircraft, Claims DEBKAfile

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  • 03:00 PM, July 22, 2015
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Iran Has Ordered 100 Russian Refueling Aircraft, Claims DEBKAfile
The Ilyushin IL-78 air-to-air refuelling tanker aircraft

Iran has ordered 100 Russian IL78 MKI Tanker Aircraft to extend its air force’s range up to 7,300 km, DEBKAfile, an Israel based Intelligence website has claimed.

DEBKAfile intelligence and security news service reported today that the move is in opposition to international arms sanctions. The trade is against the terms of the nuclear agreement signed between the six world powers and Iran in Vienna this month.

These tanker planes can simultaneously refuel six to eight warplanes. Their acquisition brings Israel, 1.200km away as well the rest of the Middle East within easy range of Iranian aerial bombardment.

Moreover, It also helps Iran’s air force to overtake Israel in terms of the quantity and range of its refuelling capacity.

DEBKAfile claimed that some of the tactics and escape clauses Iran has had built into its nuclear agreement with the world powers has helped it to strike the tanker purchase.

The purchase of Russian refuelling craft is an example of this kind of evasion because the deal confirms the arms embargo in force until 2020, both Moscow and Tehran can maintain that the Russian aircraft industry cannot produce 100 new planes before the five years are over, and so the transaction is not a violation.

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