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01:23 PM, July 24, 2015
Russian T-50 Fighter Ejection Seat, Survival Equipment Pass Test
PAK FA T-50 fifth-generation fighter jets

Russian NPP Zvezda has successfully completed production and testing of survival equipment for the pilots of T-50 fifth generation Fighter PAK-FA.

NPP Zvezda Director and General Designer, Sergey Pozdnyakov was quoted as saying by Russian Aviation on Monday, the testing of multi-purpose protective helmet ZSh-10, KM-36M oxygen mask, PPK-7 anti-G suit, VKK-17 pressurized suit and KS-50 oxygen system has also been successfully completed.

Moreover, K-36D-5 ejection seat has also successfully passed the state tests.

The new equipment allows saving the pilot’s life in case of cockpit depressurization at an altitude up to 20 km. The new protective helmet is 350 g lighter compared to the previous model thanks to using the new composite material - organoplastic. The helmet is synchronized with a number of instruments located in the cockpit in order to reduce the pilot’s workload.

The T-50 fifth-generation fighter has 14 weapon stations and will replace the Su-27 heavy fighter.

The primary objective of the new fighter is gaining air superiority. It will be armed with efficient short-, medium- and long-range air-to-air missiles.

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