Iran Ups Skills in Simulator R & D

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  • 02:35 PM, July 28, 2015
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Iran Ups Skills in Simulator R & D
Home-Made Mig-29 Fighter Jet Simulator

Iran has developed simulator systems for various aircraft, missile defense systems over the past two years.

Iran launched a home-made simulator for its MiG-29 fighter aircraft Saturday.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran's Air Force has reached self-sufficiency and self-reliance in this sector (building simulators) and this has improved pilot training programs," Iranian Air Force Lieutenant Commander General Mohammad Bakhshandeh was quoted as saying by Fars News.

Starting January 2014, Iran has built simulator systems for Mirage fighter jets, RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade launchers, midget submarines, long-range S-200 hag and rapier missile defense systems, anti-aircraft Hawk and Skyguard missile systems, Boeing CH-47 Chinook and TOW rockets so far.

Iran has worked on building simulators to enhance pilots' preciseness and skills, flight safety, weapon readiness and training and reduce the costs.

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