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03:46 PM, July 28, 2015

Rheinmetall has won a $493 million contract to provide an Integrated Soldier System and a Medium Range Radar System to Canadian forces.

The Integrated Soldier System Project is a suite of military equipment that is vital to the effectiveness and protection of frontline soldiers on a modern battlefield. It includes weapon accessories and electronics that allow soldiers to stay connected with their teams after exiting vehicles on the battlefield.

It also features a radio, a smartphone-like computer to run battle management software, a global positioning system and a communications headset. 

Rheinmetall has won a contract for an initial $8.5 million to test a new capability, Public Works and Services Canada announced Tuesday.

Once the Government declares the system fully acceptable, it may exercise options under this contract to buy up to 4,144 of these systems and to award a second contract for related support. The total value of both contracts could reach $250 million.

The Medium Range Radar Project will give the Canadian Armed Forces 10 radar systems that can be transported into an operation by truck. These radar systems will give Canadian Armed Forces soldiers the ability to detect the point of origin of indirect weapons fire, such as mortars, artillery or rockets.

They will also allow soldiers to track multiple airplanes, helicopters or other airborne threats in and around where troops are operating. This can help save the lives of soldiers and civilians.

The Government has awarded two contracts to Rheinmetall Canada. The first contract is to procure 10 Medium Range Radar Systems within three years, and a second contract is for related in-service support. The potential value of both contracts is $243.3 million. 

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