Rheinmetall to Supply Canada With Radar Similar To Israel's Iron Dome

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  • 01:16 PM, July 30, 2015
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Canada will be purchasing US$187.2 million worth 10 Rheinmetall's missile defense radar systems that are patterned after Israel’s Iron Dome.

The delivery of the radar systems is expected to begin in 2017, AFP reported Wednesday.

“Much like Israel’s successful Iron Dome radar technology, the Medium Range Radar system will be able to instantly track enemy fire targeted at Canadian armed forces personnel and help keep them safe during operations,” Canada's National Defense Minister Jason Kenney said.

The radar systems have the capability to detect hostile indirect fire, locating the position of the enemy weapon and calculating the point of impact of a projectile, meanwhile it is also able to track multiple airborne threats.

Rheinmetall which manufactures the systems works alongside ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.Rheinmetall also announced a contract to provide the Canadian army with new communications and navigation technology, the modular Integrated Soldier System (ISS) that improves the situational awareness of the individual soldier.

The ISS contract is for four years, and if the qualification phase is approved by the Canadian government then it could amount to a second contract worth a total of US$ 192 million. 

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