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12:14 PM, August 4, 2015
US Navy Successfully Tests Modified Hellfire Air To Ground Missile
Aviation Ordnancemen place a Hellfire missile on an MH-60 Sea Hawk helicopter (Image: US Navy)

The US Navy has successfully test-fired modified AGM-114L Hellfire missiles as part of its Surface to Surface Missile Module (SSMM).

One of the Littoral Combat Ships’ (LCS) intended Mission Modules, the SSMM is intended to increase the lethality of the Navy’s growing LCS fleet and is scheduled for deployment in late 2017.

The SSMM is expected to be fully integrated and ready for deployment by 2017. The Hellfire missile launched from navy’s research vessel Relentless successfully destroyed maneuvering surface targets at both maximum and minimum missile ranges.

The Hellfire missiles are expected to support LCS’ existing 57mm gun and SEARAM missile system once integration and testing are completed. Hellfire is a 100lb class air-to-ground precision weapon delivering multi-target capability and precision strike lethality.

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