China To Induct J-20 Fifth Gen Stealth Fighter In 2017

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  • 01:23 PM, August 4, 2015
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China To Induct J-20 Fifth Gen Stealth Fighter In 2017
A Chinese J-20 fifth generation stealth aircraft prototype (File photo)

Chinese first fifth-generation stealth fighter will be inducted in People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force in 2017.

“It will take another two years for the Chengdu Aircraft group to complete development of the aircraft,” Kanwa Defense Review reported Tuesday.

 The company still has to carry out many tests and trials in the next couple of years. China began by developing an active electronically scanned array in 2004. They tested it aboard Tu-204 aircraft before filling it into J-20.

China has so far produced four prototypes of J-20. The shape of the fuselage has remained unaltered. Several modifications have been added on the last three aircraft. The J-20 development has been done at a faster pace than Russian T-50 fifth generation fighter.

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