Singaporean Firm Charged With Facilitating Arms Shipment To North Korea

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  • 02:17 PM, August 4, 2015
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A Singaporean shipping firm is being charged over facilitating payment of arms shipment that included two MiG-21 jet fighters, anti-tank rockets as well as SA-2 and SA-3 surface to air missile systems to North Korea from Cuba.

Chinpo shipping is alleged to have transferred US$72,017 (S$98,800) from its Bank of China account to that of a shipping agent in Panama in July 2013, Straits times reported today.

As per the United Nation’s embargo in North Korea, it is an offence to assist financially or transfer assets that can help North Korea in its nuclear and ballistic programs, or efforts to produce other weapons of mass destruction.

The cargo included two MiG-21 jet fighters, anti-tank rockets as well as SA-2 and SA-3 Russian surface-to-air missile systems and their parts. All were bound for North Korea and hidden in the cargo hold under 10,500 tons of sugar, the news daily quoted the prosecution as saying in its opening statement.

The maximum penalty for the first charge is a $1 million fine, and for the second, a $100,000 fine.

Last month another Singaporean company, Senat Shipping Company was sanctioned for alleged support to Ocean Maritime Management Company to import weaponry to the communist nation.

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