Rohde & Schwarz To Bring Smartphone Technology To BAE Systems’ Global Combat Ship

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  • 04:01 PM, August 5, 2015
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Rohde & Schwarz To Bring Smartphone Technology To BAE Systems’ Global Combat Ship
ATEX Smartphone

Rohde & Schwarz has won a contract from BAE Systems to support the Royal Navy’s Type 26 Global Combat Ship with its integrated communications system.

The core component is the R&S NAVICS, a new IP-based switching system with a security concept. The system uses ruggedized, conventional IT technology with accreditable security provided by Rohde & Schwarz. As a result, the number of voice terminals can be reduced and ATEX smartphones employed within security-critical environments ("man on the move").

The integrated communications system from Rohde & Schwarzfor the Type 26 GCS covers both internal and external communications.

Built around the innovative R&S NAVICS IP-based switching system, it interconnects the distributed on-board voice terminals as well as all other subsystems for internal and external communications via a uniform IP network.

Operation of the technically complex system is kept uncomplicated through the use of an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

With this system, BAE Systems and Rohde & Schwarz will bring the advantages of IT technology to naval communications for the first time, while also helping with the issue of obsolescence.

A common infrastructure will be set up for all services on board, named "shared network infrastructure" and "shared computing environment". The open architecture will facilitate connection of future technologies.

External communications will be handled by the Rohde & Schwarz VHF/UHF and HF transceivers from the R&S M3SR family of radios (R&S Series4400 and R&S Series4100).

The Rohde & Schwarz radio equipment will provide both TRANSEC and advanced high-speed data transmission.

RF filters and hopping EPM filters will ensure interference-free communications. The RF filter technology will be combined with the latest Rohde & Schwarz antenna and mast designs.

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