Russian S-400 Missile Defense Systems Become Operational In Kamchatka Peninsula

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  • 12:42 PM, August 7, 2015
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Russian S-400 Missile Defense Systems Become Operational In Kamchatka Peninsula
S-400 Triumph air defense missile systems

Russian S-400 Triumph missile defense systems, which are capable of detecting air targets from more than 600 kilometres, has entered the service on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The S-300 missile defense systems that were deployed earlier reliably defended the airspace for over a quarter of a century, Sputnik International reported today.

“The capabilities of the new technology will allow for the detection of air targets at more than 600 kilometres away and are several times better than the military efficiency of anti-air defense of foreign states,” Roman Martov, Pacific Fleet spokesman said.

The S-400 Triumh (SA-21 Growler) is a Russia's next-generation anti-aircraft weapon system, developed by Almaz Central Design Bureau of Russia.

It carries three different types of missiles capable of destroying aerial targets at short-to-extremely long range.

Russia is now undergoing a $325-billion rearmament program in order to achieve a 70-percent modernization of its military's weaponry by 2020.

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