Russian T-50 Stealth Aircraft To Be The New King Of Aerobatics

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  • 12:39 PM, August 10, 2015
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Russian T-50 Stealth Aircraft To Be The New King Of Aerobatics
T-50 Stealth Fighter PAK-FA

The Russian T-50 PAK-FA could become the new king of aerobatics with the stealth aircraft being capable of flying at Mach 2 speed and bringing its speed down to Zero in mid-flight.

It is capable of performing all known aerobatic manoeuvres while introducing some new ones which promise to take onlookers’ breath away. a feature that sets it apart from any foreign competitors such the American F-25 and F-22, Ria Novosti reported quoting officials of the Sukhoi Design Bureau.

Among the new manoeuvres is that the T-50 is able to “stop” in mid-flight bringing down speed to zero performing a free fall and then re-gaining altitude and speed.

The PAK FA is a single-seat, twin-engine jet fighter, whose functions will be to achieve air superiority and assist in ground attacks.

According to the Deputy Head of Flight Operations of Sukhoi, Sergey Bogdan, who has tested more than fifty different types of combat aircraft, the T-50 has a much higher controllability than other machines.

“It has a high sustainability. In the future, it will carry out fundamentally new aerobatics,” Bogdan was quoted as saying. “Engine nozzle deflects in such a way that the plane stabilizes its position. Dangerous unfolding moments do not arise, making it pretty amazing,”.

A special suit for pilots who will fly the Sukhoi PAK FA jet fighter has been developed by Russian engineers and scientists. The suit was specially designed to make the pilot feel comfortable during supersonic-speed flights. It is equipped with an anti-G system which features a hose for delivering air to the pilot.

The gear also features pockets for flight documents. In the abdominal area there is a metal plate which presses against the pilot’s body to maintain blood flow to the head.

The costume was developed and is being currently tested by Zvezda R&D center in the city of Tomilino, near Moscow.


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