Israel Prevents Cyber Breach Into Its Defense Ministry Files

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  • 12:51 PM, August 13, 2015
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Israel has successfully prevented a cyber-breach after suspicious emails containing "malicious files" reached the defense ministry in the recent weeks.

The infected email would allow hackers access to classified information. The email would allow remote monitoring of another part of the open network of computers belonging to the ministry.

“Security personnel at the ministry warned the employees against opening suspicious emails with the subject line of the email and similar emails in the future. The virus in the email although contained by the technological defense department of the ministry had reached the individual employees in several divisions,” the Jewish Voice, an Israeil weekly reported Thursday.

The tests conducted by the defense ministry showed malicious file that would allow remote file access and keystroke recording as well as the hacker would find it easy to search and transmit classified files and take screenshots.

This is not the first instance wherein Israel has faced cyber-attacks. In June, Israeli cyber-security company, ClearSky had unearthed massive Iranian intrusion against 40 Israeli targets and 500 other targets worldwide that included reserve generals in IDF, security consulting companies and researchers.

Israeli Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) has set up an elite cyber-defense cell to defend against organized attack on Israeli cyberspace last year. In September, the government set up its won National cyber defense unit.

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