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03:00 PM, August 13, 2015
Russia To Display Buk M2E Anti-Aircraft Missile At MAKS-2015
Buk M2E during MAKS 2007

Russia will display its anti-aircraft missile system of medium-range “Buk-M2E” and the simulator at the World Airshow and Aviasalon MAKS-2015 in Zhukovsky held from August 25 to 30.

“We will be displaying 24 target SAM “Buk-M2E” and trainer at the MAKS-2015 on sites leased by ‘concern PVO, ‘Almaz-Antey’,” Scientific Research Institute of Instrument CEO Yuriy Beliy told reporters Thursday.

“Buk-M2E” is designed to engage aircraft of tactical and strategic aviation, helicopters, cruise missiles and other flying objects aerodynamics throughout the entire range of their possible applications, tactical ballistic missiles and aircraft, guided aerial bombs under intense electronic and fire counteraction of the enemy, as well as shelling surface and ground-based radio-purposes.

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