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11:54 AM, August 14, 2015
Vietnam MoD Wants Licence For Drone-Flyers

Vietnam defense ministry is insisting drone operators to have license before they set them flying.

The Ministry of Defense said that agencies also have to make sure that all operators, traders and producers of drones have a license before they can start flying drones. Even though these rules were introduced in 2008, they were not policed adequately, the ministry was quoted as saying by Thanh Nien News today.

Dang Ngoc Ngu, director of the Southern Aviation Club said that once applied process only takes seven to 10 days. Moreover, one license is valid for many flying events as long as users list the places they consider flying drones in their application.

Agencies in Hanoi caught camera drones in areas restricted from flying activities in two different cases since May. Further, they also have seized the drones.  Similar cases have also happened in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Binh Duong, where drones are popular, the ministry said.

The drone users are encouraged join so-called aviation clubs managed by the government so their activities are "in line with regulations." Ministry added.  

The ministry believes that even though drones often fly at low speeds and heights, far from aerial routes, and special flying skills is not required, there are security risks when many people sell and operate them without a license.

\Many UAVs have affordable cost only $226 to $317 even though some may cost up to US$4,500.  Their simplicity and convenience allows many people to create stunning videos of famous destinations from above, helping to promote Vietnam's tourism.

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