Our Bureau
04:13 PM, August 18, 2015

Administrative staff at the headquarters Edificio Condor will be working from 08:00 to 13:00 hours to save on power and to ration catering.

“Headquarters will only provide rations to the personnel from the security, shifts and residents in the Aeroparque premises and the minimum necessary for the functioning of heads of staff, different departments and commands”, according to an internal release which was leaked to the Argentinian media.

This restriction in spending is because of mounting debts and scarcer budget funds, including returning to the oil and gas company YPF, the sum of 200 million Pesos ($20 million), MercoPress reported.

The idea of cutting the number of daily working hours, allegedly was being considered for months and could be followed by further limiting the number of working days from Monday to Thursday for the Air Force administrative staff.

Likewise, any aircraft that for any reason has to be grounded, for the rest of the fiscal year will remain as such.

Instructions are that civilian and military staff must be limited to a minimum, keeping to the shorter working day and with a daily report of all expenses from the different departments.