Korean MoD To Host Contest For Selecting Anti-Hacking Experts

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  • 10:43 AM, August 19, 2015
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Korean MoD To Host Contest For Selecting Anti-Hacking Experts
White-hat hacker

The Korean Defense Ministry will be hosting White Hat Contest 2015 in October to select anti-hacking experts to fight against rising hacking threats.

In the contest, three final teams each will be chosen from the adult and underage segments in a simulated cyber-attack situation in which the contestants are tasked with blocking hacking efforts. Further, the winner will receive prizes in addition to financial award worth $61,000, The Korea Herald reported Monday.

The qualifying and final rounds are scheduled for Oct. 10 and Oct. 21, respectively.

The National Intelligence Service will jointly host the competition, arranged by the Military Cyber Command.

"The military is making multilateral efforts to safeguard cyberspace at a time when the technology and methods of cyber-attacks by unidentified attackers are fast-evolving," the ministry said.

The contest also includes a competition for cyber security policy and technology suggestions, which will start on Monday. Cyberspace has become the latest battlefield because of increasing hacking attempts for cyber espionage or disruption.

White hat refers to computer security experts who specialize mainly in fighting illegal hacking attacks.

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