Denel To Test Marlin Missile System In September

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  • 02:56 PM, August 20, 2015
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Denel To Test Marlin Missile System In September
Denel Dynamnics Marlin air-to-air BVR missile system

Denel will conduct a fly-over test of its Marlin missile system in September and a seeker head test in November this year.

Denel aims to combine the Marlin and A-Darter missiles into a multi-role airborne weapons system containing infrared and radar seekers and ram rocket motor.

“At the moment Denel Dynamics is working on a technology demonstrator missile, and plans to conduct a fly-over test in September and a seeker head test in November,” Jaco Botha, Chief Programme Manager was quoted as saying by Defense Web Tuesday.

Denel will conduct a first guided test flight of Marlin in November 2016, where it will be demonstrated against a moving target.

Denel is developing the 80-100 kilometer range Marlin radar-guided air-to-air missile under an Armscor/Department of Defense technology demonstrator contract. Denel will be using a dual pulse rocket motor on the Marlin (this uses two fuel chambers and one exhaust nozzle) for extended range.

Marlin can also be configured into an all-weather surface-to-air missile. Common subsystems will be used for the different variants of the weapon, with some components derived from the A-Darter and Denel’s Umkhonto surface-to-air missile.

Although Marlin is fully funded by the Department of Defense via Armscor, Denel is looking for an international partner to collaborate with during the future development program. The company is currently talking to a few interested parties.

Denel is also busy with the final qualification of the A-Darter fifth generation infrared guided air-to-air missile, which has been integrated onto the South African Air Force’s Gripen aircraft and is being integrated onto its Hawks. The company wants to do incremental upgrades on the A-Darter, including a mid-life update.

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