Brazil Negotiating To Buy Russian Anti-Aircraft Artillery

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  • 03:29 PM, August 21, 2015
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Brazil Negotiating To Buy Russian Anti-Aircraft Artillery

Brazil is negotiating with Russia for the purchase of anti-aircraft artillery and Pantsir batteries.

In order to advance the military-technical cooperation between Brazil and Russia, military and civilian officials gathered at the Ministry of Defence (MD), in Brasília (DF) on Tuesday (Aug 18). The committees were formed by professionals of the Defense and Foreign Affairs ministries. The topics will be debated again in September, when will take place the IX Meeting of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission (CIC) Brazil-Russia, in the Russian capital of Moscow.

The head of the Russian delegation, Mr. Vladimir Tikhomirov, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, listed the topics of interest of their nation for joint arrangements.

In addition to the Pantsir batteries, it cited the offset agreement (trade compensation) of MI-35 helicopters and the creation of a maintenance center for these aircraft; and presented an integrated security system that includes the Bal and Bastion missiles, the Brazilian Defense Ministry announced Wednesday.

The National Defense Strategy, one of the MD-based documents, provided that the country had capacity to respond to medium altitude aerial threats. For this, research was done and led to the selection of the Russian Pantsir system.

Brazil has an initial requirement for 14 anti-aircraft batteries for low-altitude defense and another seven for medium-altitude defense. The idea is that the purchase of equipment takes place along with technology transfer, so that each battery has higher degrees of nationalization, progressively, until it can be totally produced in Brazil.

The studies on the equipment to be procured date back to 2011. "It's the first time we buy a set system. For us, it is a new experience and a strategic partnership. From signature of the contract, delivery times will be adjusted in accordance with the Russian supply possibilities and our needs," the head of the Defense Advisory Strategic Sectors, General Aderico Visconte Pardi Mattioli.

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