Russia Approves New Early Warning Radar Carrying Helicopter For Service

  • Our Bureau
  • 04:05 PM, August 25, 2015
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Russia has authorized new early warning radar carrying helicopter Ka-35 for service.

"The Ka-35 has passed all tests and has been authorized for service," a source in the defense-industrial complex was quoted as saying by TASS Tuesday.

The source recalled the previous generation helicopter Ka-31, developed for performing early warning functions.

"It is a relatively old aircraft," he said. "It was developed a while ago for performing a number of roles, such as providing protection for project 1143 ships. It proved highly efficient in this capacity," he said.

The Ka-31 designers coped with a number of complex technical problems, such as the presence of a large antenna rotating under the fuselage. These solutions proved very helpful in designing the Ka-35 which is equipped with a rotating laterally oriented antenna.

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